Analyse Rosa

Very happy with every aspect of my purchase! I did a lot of research and the price was the best around. A week later and after having some mechanically inclined friends look my car over I could not be happier. Everyone at CarZone was very friendly and they will go above and beyond to help you out and make sure you’re happy! 10/10

Gabe McGuigan-Weber

All staff were helpful, professional, and kind. Great cars for great prices. Brandon did a very good job of making things clear and understandable, and helping out along every step of the way. I would highly recommend Carzone to anyone looking to find used cars in great shape for great prices.

Sidra Muntaha

Super nice, friendly people! VERY fair prices! After a week, I couldn’t be happier with my new car. 10/10 experience. If you’re looking for a vehicle I highly recommend them! Nate was great.

Matt Peralta

I went to purchase a vehicle from the owner Nate. He set time aside for me so he can dedicate his full attention towards me. He came down as much as he could on price to accommodate my budget. He offered a free oil change and over night I noticed a brake fluid leak. He is going to send it to his mechanic and bill to be covered by him first thing Monday morning. Great experience and no complaints.

Valentin Chapa

This Place Is Phenomenal, Very Clean And Professional! I Have Had The Opportunity To Buy My Car From Here. Awesome, Reliable, Daily Driver, I Couldn't be More Excited! I have Sent all my family and friends to buy from here, highly recommended!